Some dance schools focus on recognised ISTD/RAD exams, some on festivals, and others on just having fun with dance. What makes Dance Projection special is that they do all of these things, and really really well, to an exceptional level.

ISTD results are phenomenal in all genres: ballet, tap, modern and street, with contemporary and musical theatre exams on the horizon. They offer accredited exams, which gives you credits towards a place a university or a degree program. These exams help students to get into dance colleges for instance Bird College, Studio and Rambert etc.

Festival results are brilliant with many students being placed and qualifying for All England regions, but most importantly all are taught the value of being humble, supporting fellow competitors from other dance schools, and congratulating others.

The friendship network at Dance Projection runs across all age groups and the older ones help in the younger ones’ classes, which gives a real sense of community, belonging and unity.

Recently all who auditioned for Sleeping Beauty with the English Youth Ballet were offered a place with one student being offered the only full scholarship; this goes to show how Dance Projection’s precise teaching technique and sense of performance make their students stand out. Well done DP and thank you!


Dance Projection is a great dance school. Both of our children have been going here since the age of 2. The teachers are excellent with all of the children and will tell you when they are ready for exams. No pressure is put on you to do the exams if you don't want too. An annual show is held where you can watch your child perform....last years was amazing. So much talent! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a dance school. Our girls love it!


Thank you so much DP! Dance Projection is the best dance school ever, and so much more. This is why I love DP:

  • A sense of family and loyalty. All students no matter what age support each other and have forged friendships, particularly through Ballet scholars, the Professional course, festivals and the Easter course. Parents get to know one another over a cup of tea or persevere in a ballet or fitness class themselves – either way, all are happy! There is definitely a feeling of loyalty and a sense of being proud to belong.
  • The teachers. They really know all the students as individuals and tailor their teaching - they know how to get the best out of them, how to make them progress and how to provide fun. They are incredibly professional and work so hard. DP teachers will do absolutely everything to get the best out of your child, giving every moment of their time to provide extra training and help. Moreover, they nurture confidence, determination and self-belief.
  • My children love it at DP. My daughter aged 8: ‘It is fun and friendly and I love dancing. I liked it because of the teaching. If you are shy and little, the teacher or helper (me!) will hold your hand, but soon you will have friendly friends. The teachers give you nice dances for festivals and in competitions it is an amazing experience! We are there every day apart from Friday and it is the best bit of my day’. My son aged 6: ‘It is fun and we do Ballet. My favourite dancing is Modern’.

My girls love Dance Projection not only is it a bonus as it's great value for money, there is a wide variety of dancing to choose from. My daughters dream of singing lessons has become real, there is no end to what they can achieve with the excellent teaching staff. They have made wonderful friends and my 10 year old is now a helper on a Saturday morning which is teaching her great values. We wouldn't go anywhere else!


My daughter attends ten lessons a week! She absolutely loves Dance Projection. My son also participates in one class and I do three! (adult beginners classes) The teachers are all so knowledgeable and welcoming. They hold high aspirations for their school, encouraging all students to be the very best they can be. They expect everyone to work hard and persevere but in an environment where everyone has fun and laughs. We have all met such good friends and feel part of the Dance Projection family. This is a Five star dance school.


Gemma, Heidi and their excellent team at Dance Projection are totally committed to providing a friendly and safe way for adults to learn and perform dance. They very soon become friends as well as teachers and their welcoming and flexible approach helps adult students reach their full potential. A few years back I wouldn't have believed I would be taking examinations in classical ballet and performing ballet on stage in front of an audience of five hundred, but thanks to Dance Projection I have done both. They have taken me on a journey of self discovery and fulfilment for which I will always be grateful.


My 3 sons attend regular classes at Dance Projection and are currently aged 6,7,8. All of them thoroughly enjoy their dance lessons in Ballet, Tap, Modern and Street dance. I am sure this will grow to include Contemporary, stretch and gymnastics in the future!

My boys especially love the annual summer show and have recently joined in with summer school courses as well as taking examinations when they meet the required standards.

Dance projection have a large variety of different style dance classes to suit all children with huge differing standards and abilities from pre-primary to Advanced 2 and hold singing lessons, professional workshops and private festival tuition.

The facilities are outstanding for a local school with professional dance floors, mirrored walls, waiting areas with toilet facilities and separate male/female changing rooms. All with easy access with parking.

I have a professional background in dance and trained as an ISTD teacher so can recognise good dance technique and teaching ability. I have, therefore, chosen to continue my love of dance by attending their advanced adult classes which are often difficult to find at local dance schools. The Dance Projection teachers are very encouraging to adults and offer training for adult examinations and participation in the annual shows.

I am very fortunate to live locally and have found all of the desired teaching skills at Dance Projection and for that reason I would absolutely not choose another local dance school for my family.


Hi guys, I just wanted to say thank you for a fabulous watching week. I absolutely loved watching Anna in Miss Kelly's class (Street Jazz) - she has some amazing moves! And i was incredibly impressed with Miss Annette at gymnastics. Wow. It can often be difficult to retain Anna's attention for that long - especially at that time of night. But Miss Annette had it completely, the whole way through. I'm so pleased with the skills Anna is learning in that class. Thank you so much. Hope you all have a fab Christmas. Liz xx


Thank you for your letter, firstly can I say how much I appreciate you all, Charlotte wouldn’t be the dancer that she is without your continued support and help. After watching week it really brought it home to me how hard all the kids and teachers work and just wanted to put it down on an email.