Welcome to Dance Projection

Dance Projection offers a personal programme of dance and exercise, run by ISTD qualified teachers that love working with young people and adults.

We give students the opportunity to improve fitness levels and express themselves through dance making new friends in the process.


We also run a number of classes for adults including Ballet and Tap (to exam standard if you wish or just for fun), Contemporary, Modern, Fitness, Stretch and Core Conditioning. Why not come along and try out a class. See the timetable.

Level 3 Extended Diploma in Performing Arts Practice

This two year course is the equivalent to 3 A levels and will include training in mostly dance and will be heavily performance based. Please see the DP College website for full details.

Dance World Cup 2023

We are pleased to report that this year we achieved 2 Silver Medals and 2 Bronze Medals. 6 of our other dances were placed in the top 10 and one came 4th by only 0.2 marks. Congratulations to all our students who took part and many many thanks to all our parents for supporting us at the World Cup.

Audience feedback from our Annual Shows:


Wow! Dance-Projection smashed their annual summer show, the talent on stage was just sensational! For Charlotte it was her last show with DP, she has been dancing with them since the age of 4 and they all danced their hearts out. So proud that Charlotte received the Performers Award, she has loved dancing with you and not once in all those years did she not want to go to a dance lesson. DP have shown such devotion to Charlotte and her dance training over the years, what an amazing dance family. Thank you so much Heidi, Gemma, Natalie, Sara (and Becky) for all the hard work and for taking them to the Dance World Cup ⭐️ As I’ve said before if you’re looking for a dance school they’re the best 🏆

The work you all do at DP is second to none. I am in total awe of you and all you achieve year on year. The standard of these dancers keeps on getting better and better! West End standard is right! You all give your student the wings to fly and my gosh do they fly! We will always be grateful for the way you have taught bella over the years and how you have shaped her into the wonderful young person she has become. Thank you awarding her the commitment trophy 🏆 - that recognition means so much. She will always and forever be in the DP family

A Brilliant weekend at the Dance-Projection annual show. It gets better every year and the talent and dedication of all the students is incredible. Beth also loves every minute being on that stage, she beams and I am so proud of what she has achieved this year all thanks to her fabulous teachers Heidi Speakman Gemma Hall Natalie Potter Sara Alexandra Hamilton Neive, Harley and Bella.

I’ve just had the most amazing weekend supporting Izzy’s dance school Dance Projection with their yearly show. What incredible shows they were too! 💖 Every year the kids surpass the previous years show. The talent, passion, energy and enjoyment is evident on the stage. Thank you so much Heidi Speakman, Gemma Hall, Natalie Potter, Sara Alexandra Hamilton and all the other wonderful teachers for your excellent teaching and for pushing Izzy to be the best she can be. To top the weekend off, Izzy was presented with the scholarship award, to say she is thrilled is an understatement! Thank you SO SO much. Izzy and I love being part of the DP family. We have both made many friends and memories over the years and we are both looking forward to making new memories in the years to come.

Dance-Projection you did it again, a fabulous show to end an amazing year , huge congratulations to the students and teachers Heidi Speakman Gemma Hall,Natalie Potter Sara Alexandra Hamilton and Miss Emma ! Thankyou so much for Phoebes Examination award she has had the best year with you all 🥰🥰🥰🥰xx

Family and loyalty is what makes DP special, we all have to trust in one another and help each other and behind the scenes it was wonderful to see all the students supporting and cheering each other on , no competition just everyone happy for each other ❤️what a lovely gift to have passed on to everyone xxx

Both shows were incredible, well done to all the teachers and students who have worked so hard. They are all proud to be part of DP xx

Wow! Dance Projection are another level of talent. We were so impressed with how brilliant each performance was. Each dance so entertaining and super slick. Thank you for the invite- we absolutely loved it! You do adult classes, right?!

What a show! 🥰 I didn’t plan to watch both nights but after watching on Saturday I knew I wanted to experience all those emotions all over again. The quality of dance and the synchronicity was second to none. Not to mention the singing. Some amazing talent thanks to such encouraging dedicated teachers, Emily had a blast…and now wants to do more classes 🤣 Thank you xx

Congratulations on another fab show. So much works goes into everything you guys do. Thank you for another great year at DP xxx

Thank you for bringing the best out of them all! Congratulations on another fantastic show!

It was truly wonderful watching the shows this weekend Sibel absolutely loves her dance lessons and it really does bring out the confidence in her character. To think what this dance school went through during COVID and what you have done this year is truly mind blowing we are so proud to be part of your school x

I honestly don’t know how you do it. You are machines 💪🏻 Thank you for absolutely everything you do for Tamsin. DP is so much more than a dance school, the talent is incredible and we are proud to be a part of it. So sad we only have 1 more year left 😢 but I’m not thinking about that 🤣you guys are the best.

It really was an amazing show! The choreography and perfection of every dance was mesmerising ❤️ I’m so glad I got to watch them all, The energy from all the students didn’t change throughout, they are so inspiring, and lucky to have such dedicated teachers! Everyone danced their hearts out with passion and pride! 🥰 You must be so proud all of you ❤️ xxx